Time for Asparagus

Just in time for warmer temperatures, asparagus is finding its way back on our plates. From fresh salads, over creamy soups and classic creations to delightful side dishes, asparagus is multifaceted in its enjoyment. With the start of the season, at eight chef cook Andres Klug shared his best tips and secret tricks for a successful and delicious preparation. At our restaurant you can enjoy lovely spring creations and asparagus classics throughout the entire season.

Asparagus tips

  • The little extra
    When preparing white asparagus, a splash of lemon juice not only brightens the asparagus spears, but also highlights the freshness in the taste. For green asparagus, as well as white asparagus, adding a bit of sugar to the cooking basis neutralizes the bitterness of the vegetable.
  • Freshness
    Asparagus should be purchased as fresh as possible at a market. The ends of the spears shouldn’t be too dry as well.
  • Hollandaise
    for a delicious hollandaise sauce, an asparagus classic, it is recommendable to add some corn starch to the sauce. This ensures that the sauce does not separate and guarantees a creamy delight.

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